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LXi-1300 Autotransformer

LX-1300 Autotransformer Model LXi-1300 is a combined automatic and manual reduced voltage autotransformer fire pump controller applied where the capacity of the power source does not permit full voltage starting of the motor. The controller is used with standard three (3) lead squirrel cage motors. A heavy-duty autotransformer is supplied with standard taps at 50%, 65% and 80% to reduce the starting voltage to the motor. The autotransformer is factory wired to the 65% taps unless otherwise specified when ordered.

The starting inrush current drawn from the power source is reduced to approximately 25% of normal when using the 50% tap, 42% of normal on the 65% tap, and 64% of normal on the 80% tap.

An adjustable timing relay is provided to control the time between reduced voltage start and full voltage run. A manual "emergency run" operator is supplied for emergency starting. When the operator is pushed "On" the motor starts and runs at full voltage until the operator is pushed "Off".

Drawings and Publications

Volts HP Range Dimensions Schematic Field
200-208 15-50 13CE0011 13CS0011 13CF0011 Pub 193
220-240 15-60
380-415 15-100
440-460 15-125
550-600 15-150
200-208 60-150 13CE0021 13CS0011 13CF0011 Pub 193
220-240 75-200
380-415 125-300
440-460 150-400
550-600 200-400

Catalog Literature

LXi-1300 Specifications
July 2002
Brochure 6300M
May 2004
Price List 6300M
October 2002
Options Price List 6300AM
November 2002

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