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LXi-1600 Manual Wound Rotor Motor Fire Pump Control

LX-1400 Primary Resistor


Model LXi-1600 AC Manual Fire Pump Controllers are intended for starting and speed control of wound rotor motors driving multi-stage fire pumps utilized in high rise buildings.  They are available as standard with five speed points.  Additional speed points, up to nine, are available as an option.


The controller enclosures are designed for floor mounting and have a separate compartment for the starting and speed control resistors.  A drip shield is provided to protect the exterior of the enclosure from falling water.  All metal parts are primed and painted or plated to provide maximum corrosion protection.

Drawings and Publications


For dimensions and other information regarding the LXi-1600, please contact the factory.
Telephone (336) 434-2800
FAX (336) 434-2803

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Brochure 6300M


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