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LX-1500 Limited Service

LX-1500 Limited Service Hubbell’s Model LX-1500 limited service fire pump controllers monitor system operation by means of an adjustable type pressure switch (high and low set points). If system water pressure drops below the minimum pressure set point, the controller brings the pumping unit on-line for a fixed period of time governed by the running period timer. At the end of the fixed running period, and if the system water pressure is above the pressure switch set point, the controller will automatically shut down the pumping unit.

These controllers may be used, where acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction, for control of small electric motor driven fire pumps and booster pumps with a maximum of 30 hp.

Suitable for use as service entrance equipment.

Drawings and Publications

Volts HP Range Dimensions Schematic Field
200-208 3-30 15CE0011 15CT0011 15CG0011 Pub. 197
220-240 3-30
380-415 3-30
440-480 3-30
550-600 3-30

Catalog Literature

LX-1500 Brochure
May 2000
6410 Price List
September 2006
6400A Options Price List
June 2002

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