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Movable Bridge Controller & Accessories

Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc. manufactures a variety of engineered control systems and accessories for all types of movable bridges, including:


AC Motor Controllers

  • Primary thyristor static reversing for use with wound rotor motors
  • Stepped magnetic contactor/resistor for use with wound rotor motors 
  • AC Vector controllers for use with squirrel cage motors
  • Manual drum controllers for use with wound rotor motors

DC Motor Controllers

  • DC constant potential stepped magnetic reversing or reversing/dynamic braking controllers for use with series wound motors
  • DC constant potential stepped magnetic controllers for use with shunt wound motors

Controller Accessories:

  • Primary and Secondary Resistors
  • Tachometer/overspeed switch
  • Operators consoles
  • Limit switches, both cam and rotary geared
  • Power transfer switches
  • Bridge communications equipment

Hubbell has become the leader in providing control solutions for movable bridge controls


Member of Heavy Movable Structures, Inc. hmsi


4922C S2MC Lift Bridge

The Type 4922C S2MC primary thyristor static reversing controller system provides speed regulated control of lift bridges with wound rotor motors.  The Type 4922C system includes the controller and for separate mounting the Type 5410 tachometer/overspeed switch assembly and Type 3000 secondary resistor.

4660 Lift Bridge console
Type 4660 Lift Bridge operator console for a four (4) leaf bridge  with stainless steel top.

Drawings and Publications

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Lift Bridge Controls

Movable Bridge Control Recommendations


AC Thyristor Controllers And Components
Type 4922C static reversing controller Catalog Sheet Catalog 4922C.b
Type 4922C static reversing controller Technical Bulletin TB-4922 CB
Silicon Controller Rectifier Data Sheet Publication 189 SCR
Step Reference Board Data Sheet Publication 189 SRB
Tach Loss Assembly Data Sheet Publication 189 TLA
Thyristor Power Module Specifications Specifications 5410-2
IGBT Solid State Controllers
AC Vector Controller Specifications Brochure 4960.b 6MB
Tachometer Overspeed Switch Assy. Specifications Consult Factory
Motor Resistors Catalog Catalog 3000
Cam Limit Switch Catalog Cam Limit []
Transfer Switch Catalog Catalog LX-450
Wired Audio Product Information available at Gai-Tronics A Hubbell Company
Voice Audio Product Information

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