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Type 4920/40 AC Static Crane Control

AC Static Crane Control


Hubbell's S2MC Solid State Stepless Motor Controls are ideal for controlling overhauling loads such as lift bridges, bridge cranes, bucket/grapple cranes, portal/whirly cranes, turbine cranes, tramways, and coke oven drives.

Utilizing AC induction motors (squirrel cage and wound rotor) the line of S2MC controllers are available in both primary thyristor (4920 series) and secondary thyristor (4940 series) through 500 hp, or more, and capable of operating on 208/230/380/460/575, 3 phase VAC, 50/60 Hz.  The line of S2MC controls have been successfully applied on hundreds of applications for over 15 years.


Controller Model Type Application Download
All All All Brochure 4900C (3MG)
4922C Primary Static Reversing Catalog 4922C
4924C Primary Reversing/Plugging Catalog 4924C
4925C Primary ECB Hoist Catalog 4925C
4944C Secondary Reversing/Plugging Catalog 4944C
4945C Secondary ECB Hoist Catalog 4945C


Controller Model Type Application Download
4922C Primary Static Reversing Publication 189H (3.8MG)
All All Silicon Controller Rectifier
Data Sheet
Publication 189 SCR
4922C/24C/25C Primary Tach Loss Assembly
Data Sheet
Publication 189 TLA
All All Step Reference Board
Data Sheet
Publication 189 SRB

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