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Type 4015 DC Dynamic Lowering Hoist Controller


The complete hoist control system consists of a power transformer, a silicon bridge rectifier and the hoist controller with accessories.

  • The power transformer is a totally enclosed, nonventilated (TENV), three-phase unit with delta connected primary and a three-phase wye-connected secondary.
  • The rectifier unit is a three-phase full wave bridge with diodes in parallel for redundancy.  Rectifier protection is provided by fuses in each leg and a surge suppressor and snubbing circuit on the dc side.  Output of the rectifier is 300V dc.
  • The hoist controller is a standard dc dynamic lowering controller arranged for operation from 300V dc power.  The controller components are all front-mounted, front-removable, and front-wired.


All the advantages of a dc hoist controller on an ac crane:
  • Rugged dc series wound mill motor.
  • Reliable dc series wound brake.
  • Time-proven dc dynamic lowering hoist circuit.
  • High-speed hoisting and lowering of empty hook or light loads.
  • Slow, stable hook speeds hoisting and lowering with all loads.
  • Reliable dc dynamic lowering with motor connected as a generator and loaded with the dynamic braking resistor.
  • "Off-point" braking because of spring-closed dynamic braking contactor.

A hoist control system with rectifier output of 360V dc is available as an option.  Such a system operates at higher speeds than the 300V dc system, resulting in a reduced duty time of about 15%.

Drawings and Publications

Specifications 4015
January 1984

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