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NEMA Rated DC Magnetic Contactors - Type 5210
(See Type 5110 for AC Contactors)

Size 3 Normally Open


Rugged Euclid´┐Ż contactors feature many unique design and engineering advancements that greatly simplify applications, installations and servicing...  Over 65 years of experience in design as well as manufacturing has been incorporated into these highly reliable units.

The Contactor line uses the latest technology in molded plastic materials for those parts requiring insulating qualities and strength.

Available in NEMA Sizes 0-8, Normally Open and Normally Closed. (Size 3 Normally Open shown in photo.)


  • Convenient DIRECT-WIRING for Right or Left Hand Power Connections. Rugged Terminals on both sides for all power connections.

    Completely front-connected, front removable "deadback" base design eliminates all nuts and bolts as well as live parts on the back of the base. There is easy access to every part of the contactor.

  • Encapsulated Magnet Coil.  115 or 230 VDC standard.

  • Corrosion resistant, durable, welded steel construction armature assembly incorporates stainless steel spring as well as stainless steel hinge pin providing long mechanical life.

  • Auxiliary Electrical Contact block can be mounted on either the right or left hand side of the main contactor. Contacts are bridge-type, double-breaking, silver-cadmium oxide. Units can be "stacked" two deep, for multi-circuit arrangements. Auxiliary Electrical Contacts can be supplied in a kit form consisting of one contact block housing one(1) normally open and one (1) normally closed set of contacts in a common assembly, one knocker, plus the necessary mounting hardware.

  • Hinged Arc-Shield for easy inspection and replacement of contactor tips.

Drawings and Publications

Price List / Catalog 5210
November 2015
Service and Repair Parts
NEMA Size 1 & 2 Normally Open Contactors
Service and Repair Parts
NEMA Size 1 & 2 Normally Closed Contactors
Service and Repair Parts
NEMA Size 3 & 4 Normally Open Contactors
Service and Repair Parts
NEMA Size 3 & 4 Normally Closed Contactors
Service and Repair Parts
NEMA Size 5 & 5A Normally Open Contactors
Service and Repair Parts
NEMA Size 5 & 5A Normally Closed Contactors


Repair Parts/Outline Drawings

Type Part Number
Repair Parts
Outline Drawings
0 Normally Open HC5930X-XXX RPC-59303-1 A-59506
1 Normally Open HC5931X-XXX RPC-59313-1 A-59502-1
2 Normally Open HC5932X-XXX RPC-59323-1 A-59502-1
1 Normally Closed HC58870-00X RPC-58870-1 A-59503
1 Normally Closed HC58870-01X & -3XX RPC-58870-3 A-59503-001
2 Normally Closed HC58870-00X RPC-58871-1 A-59503
2 Normally Closed HC58870-009 & -020 RPC-58871-3 A-59503-001
1 N.O. & N.C. HC59315-XXX RPC-59315-1 A-59502-2
2(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59325-1XX RPC-59325-1 A-59502-2
2 N.O. & N.C. HC59325-2XX & -3XX RPC-59325-2 A-59502-3
3 DC Normally Open HC59335-XXX RPC-59335-1 A-59505-1
3(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59335-8XX RPC-59335-2 A-59505-2
3 2 POLE N.O. HC59338-XXX Consult Factory A-59505-3
3 DC Normally Open HC59430-XXX RPC-59430-1 A-59505-1
3(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59430-8XX Consult Factory A-59505-2
3 DC Normally Open HC59364-XXX RPC-59364-1 A-59505-1
3 (NO) & 1 (NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59364-8XX RPC-59364-2 A-59505-2
3 DC Normally Closed HC58867-1XX RPC-58867-7 A-59504
4 DC Normally Open HC59345-XXX RPC-59345-1 A-59505-1
4(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59345-8XX RPC-59345-2 A-59505-2
4(NO) & 2(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59345-8XX Consult Factory A-59505-2
4 2 POLE N.O. HC59348-XXX Consult Factory A-59505-3
4 DC Normally Open HC59440-XXX RPC-59440-1 A-59505-1
4(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59440-8XX Consult Factory A-59505-2
3 N.C. HC58867-001 to -004 RPC-58867-3 A-59504
3 N.C. HC58867-010 to -015 RPC-58867-4 A-59504
3 N.C. HC58867-005 RPC-58867-5 A-59504
4 N.C. HC58868-001 to -004 RPC-58868-3 A-59504
4 N.C. HC58868-010 to -015 RPC-58868-4 A-59504
4 N.C. HC58868-005 RPC-58868-5 A-59504
5 DC Normally Open HC59351-XXX RPC-59351-1 A-58888-1
5(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59351-8XX RPC-59351-2 A-58888-1
5 DC Normally Open HC59450-XXX RPC-59450-1 A-58888-3
5(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59450-8XX Consult Factory A-58888-4
5 DC Normally Open HC59495-XXX RPC-59495-1



5(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59495-8XX RPC-59495-2



5A DC Normally Open HC59355-XXX RPC-59355-1 A-58888-1
5A DC Normally Open HC59451-XXX RPC-59451-1 A-58888-3
5A(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59451-8XX Consult Factory A-58888-4
5A DC Normally Open HC59656-XXX RPC-59656-1



5A(NO) & 1(NC) N.O. & N.C. HC59656-8XX RPC-59656-2



5 Normally Closed HC58900-0XX Consult Factory 59517-1
5 Normally Closed HC58900-3XX Consult Factory 59517-2
5 Normally Closed HC58900-4XX Consult Factory A-59517-3
5 Normally Closed HC58900-6XX Consult Factory A-59517-6
5 Normally Closed HC58900-7XX RPC-58900-7
5A Normally Closed HC59501-0XX Consult Factory A-59517-1
5A Normally Closed HC59501-3XX Consult Factory A-59517-2
5A Normally Closed HC59501-4XX Consult Factory A-59517-3
5A Normally Closed HC59501-6XX Consult Factory A-59517-6
5A Normally Closed HC59501-7XX RPC-59501-7
6 DC Normally Open HC59600-00X & 30X Consult Factory A-59561-1
6 DC Normally Open HC59600-11X & 31X RPC-58600-3
6 Normally Closed HC59600-930 Consult Factory A-59600-930
6 Normally Closed HC59600-960 Consult Factory A-59600-960
6 Normally Closed HC59600-990 RPC-58600-7E
7 DC Normally Open HC59700-00X & 30X Consult Factory A-59561-1
7 DC Normally Open HC59700-11X & 31X RPC-59700-3
7 Normally Closed HC59700-930 Consult Factory A-59655-930
7 Normally Closed HC59700-960 Consult Factory A-59655-960
7 Normally Closed HC59700-990 RPC-59700-7E
8 DC Normally Open HC59800-00X & 30X Consult Factory A-59561-1
8 DC Normally Open HC59800-11X & 31X RPC-59800-3
8 Normally Closed HC59800-930 Consult Factory A-59655-930
8 Normally Closed HC59800-960 Consult Factory A-59655-960
8 Normally Closed HC59800-990 RPC-59800-7E

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