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Euclid DC Relay - Type 5320

PA Relay

"PA" Relay Shown

General Information

Euclid™ DC Relays are built to withstand severe service.  They are recommended for use on heavy industrial equipment, such dc drives as cranes and mill auxiliaries.



    "VR" voltage relays are used for reversing-plugging controllers with Emergency or Service Dynamic Braking, and for armature shunt contactors on multi-step slowdown circuits.

    "JK" voltage relays are used for initiating high speed lowering on hoist controllers.

    "LSR" is a Limit Switch Relay standard for hoist control panels with power limit switch.

    "NP" is a Non-Plugging Relay for compound and shunt motors.

    "PR" Plugging Relays are rectifier type used on dc reversing plugging control panels to limit motor torque during plugging operations.


    "FL" Field Loss relay is recommended to protect against loss of field power on compound or shunt motors.


    "PA" Control Relays are general purpose DC Relays with 2, 4, or 6 form C contacts. Available with 115 VDC or 230 VDC coils

Drawings and Publications

Specifications 5320
Price List 5320
October 2011

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