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Type 4111/4121 Hoist Controllers


Type 4111 and 4121 mill duty dynamic lowering hoist controllers for crane service are built with four, five or six speed points using mill duty components throughout.  Dynamic lowering control panels are suitable for use with DC series motors on crane hoist drives without a mechanical load brake and for use with a power limit switch.

Standard circuit features include:

  • Complete operator control, hoisting and lowering.

  • High speed no-load hoisting and lowering

  • Off point dynamic braking.

  • Positive series brake operation with all loads.

  • Smooth definite-time acceleration.

The Type 4111 is a NEMA class 1 controller with 5 or 6 speed points, negative line M contactor, and electronic overload relay protection.

The Type 4121 is a NEMA class 2 controller with 4 or 5 speed points and thermal overload protection.

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Brochure 4110/11
August 1993
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April 2007
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