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Euclid™ Lifting Magnet Controller
4291 Varistor Type Automatic Discharge

Euclid LF

General Information

The Euclid Type 4291 Magnet Controller is for use with all types and makes of lifting magnets.  It assures fast and clean releases of all types of magnet loads.

 All or just part of the load may be dribbled, if desired.  In addition, because of the circuit design and the use of the DVA (Discharge Varistor Assembly), the magnet and magnet leads are not subjected to high induced voltage.

Euclid Type 4291 automatic discharge type magnet controller is the only one on the market today that will assure:

  1. Fast and clean release of full load

  2. Accurate release of partial load

  3. Precise control of dribbling.

It can be used with all types and makes of lifting magnets in any industrial application.

Drawings and Publications

Instructions, Pub 180
Price List
July 2014

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