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Lifting Magnet Power Supplies - Type 4320


Hubbell offers the Type 4320 diode rectifier, specifically designed and rated for the demanding requirements where short circuits on the DC output bus are common or probably.  The unit is ideally suited for applications such as scrap lifting magnets or cranes.

Addressing the common problem of blown semiconductor fuses resulting from cut magnet cables, shorted magnets, or crane rail faults.  The 4320 offers a rectifier system that eliminates all fusing in the rectifier.  Traditional rectifier design incorporates the use of silver and, fast acting, current limiting, semi-conductor fuses to protect rectifier diodes in the vent of a DC fault.  The 4320 rectifier design eliminates the need for these fuses.

The 4320 rectifier design will trip the unit's AC input breaker in the event of a DC output bus fault.  After the fault is cleared, the user simply resets the units AC breaker and the unit is operational.

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