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Type HD Pushbutton Station

Type HD Station


Hubbell's Euclid™ oldest line of rugged time proven pushbutton stations incorporate basic modular construction and are designed for heavy duty applications of all kinds.

  • HD pushbutton stations are furnished as assembled stations.

  • Safety yellow enclosures for indoor applications.

  • Ground connection at cable entrance area.

  • Single speed and two speed cumulative contact inserts.

  • AC and DC rated.

  • Maintained contact inserts optional.

  • Enclosures engineered for fast easy access.

  • 3/32" thick hard drawn copper (cadmium plated) contacts — self aligning.


The HD stations are designed for long trouble free service on electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes, hoist, electromagnets, etc…, wherever safety and reliability are high priority.


HD stations are available as assembled stations. The steel NEMA 1 enclosures have easily removable front covers for wiring and contact access.

Single speed, two speed and maintained contact inserts can be arranged in any order. A variety of optional features are available:

• Duplex stations.

• Selector switches.

• Toggle switches, etc…

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