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PBM Pushbutton Station Type 2040

PBM Stations


The Multi-Purpose PBM Pendant Pushbutton Stations have been designed to use 22mm NEMA 4X pushbutton elements to provide full flexibility. Spacing of the mounting holes will permit enlarging the hole to install the larger 30mm pushbutton elements if desired. Each enclosure is provided with a full complement of standard self-adhesive nameplates to meet most pendant pushbutton applications.

The multiple screws used for fastening the front and back portions of the enclosures provide rigidity to the enclosures for added strength to withstand operational abuse and provide a watertight seal.


  • Light Weight, Rugged Molded Enclosures, “Safety Yellow.”

  • Molded-in Stainless Steel hanger brackets for external strain-relief cable. Provisions for internal strain relief are also provided.

  • Five Enclosure sizes, 3 to 11 button with provision for single function option — pilot light, selector switch, push-pull unit, etc.

  • Enclosures gasketed for NEMA 4X rating; Watertight, Dust-tight, Corrosion Resistant.

  • Enclosure arranged for internal grounding screw.

  • Optional Connector Kits:

    3/4” NPT (19mm) for 2 and 4-button enclosures

    1” NPT (25mm) for 6, 8, and 10-button enclosures

  • 22mm NEMA 4X pushbutton elements available from stock.

  • Optional Mechanical Interlocks

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