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HHC Type 3005 Resistor

HHC 3005 Resistor


The Type HHC resistors use a folded ribbon resistance element and are available in ratings ranging from 125 to 695 amps.  High current ratings (up to 695 amps) virtually eliminate the need to parallel resistor units on large h.p. applications, yielding a substantial cost and space savings.


  • Continuous, stainless steel resistive element

  • No welds to cause mechanical or electrical failures

  • Rugged, steel end plates designed for universal mill mounting

  • Designed to NEMA resistor standards

  • Strip floats on steel supports permitting free expansion/contraction

  • Inorganic, non-tracking insulation materials insuring insulation integrity even in conductive dust and moisture laden atmospheres

  • 1000 volt insulation to ground. (Z length only)

  • Designed for effective convection of forced air cooling

  • Average 8500 watts per single unit

  • Heavy, stainless steel terminals

  • Double insulation to ground

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