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SSR Type 3003 Resistor

SSR Type 3003 Resistor


The Type SSR Industrial Power Resistor series consists of two different types of units: a hexwound unit and an edgewound unit.  Both types feature continuous resistive elements supported on porcelain insulated core strips.

  • Rugged shock-resisting, non-breakable construction.

  • Resistor assembly floats in slotted insulators

  • Corrosion resistant materials

  • Negligible temperature coefficient of resistance

  • Assembled resistor banks provide double insulation to ground

  • Individual resistor units in an assembled bank can be replaced without disrupting adjacent units

  • A variety of standard mounting frames, brackets, and enclosures

  • Assembled frames have identical mounting dimensions to old style assemblies. (Rod bolt mounted)

Drawings and Publications

Catalog 3000
Data Sheet
Legacy 3003 Price List
May 2010
Current Prd 3003 Price List
July 2013
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