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Radio Control Products

A typical radio remote control system consists of a portable transmitter carried by the operator, and a receiver installed on the crane, the locomotive, or other remote machinery. Each system operates on a licensed frequency in the 72 to 76 MHz or the 450 to 470 MHz bands, requiring the user to have an FCC license for the transmitter.

A license-free radio remote control system, for which the user does not need an FCC license, is suitable for applications requiring a shorter range. These radio controls operate at 433 to 434 MHz and meet FCC Part 15 rules for low power transmitters.


Radio Crane Control Systems

Radio Crane Control Systems 31.100 Catalog

DC Radio Crane Control Catalog 31.100 SSR

AC License Free 31.130 Spec Sheet

Radio Locomotive Control Systems

Locomotive Control Systems 31.200 Catalog

Compact Style 31.210 Spec Sheet

Radio Transmitters

Radio Transmitters 31.300 Catalog

Full-Size Transmitter 31.310 Spec Sheet

Mid-Size Transmitter 31.320 Spec Sheet

Compact Locomotive Transmitter 31.340 Spec Sheet

Fixed Transmitter 31.350 Spec Sheet

Misc. Items

Site Survey 31.020 Catalog

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